From the school graduation party DJ in Zurich to international gigs at renowned events. Replay M has travelled from Berlin to Ibiza to Belarus to amaze the crowd.


He was born in Zurich. His interest in deejaying starts very early. Already at the age of seven he liked to entertain people with played CDs. At school he had his first graduation parties, where he inspired students with his favourite tracks.


His first big performance took place at the Puro Club in Berlin. Within a short time, the club had filled up when Replay M played the first track. It was a lot of fun to dance to his music. With time he worked his way up and was discovered by other promoters. His agency CEAmusic enabled him to prove his skills to millions of visitors at events like the Street Parade, Openair Gampel, Oceanbeat Boat Ibiza and Braslav Festival.


Furthermore Replay M has published his own remixes and tracks on Breeze Records (Kontor Records), Karonga Records (Sirup Music) and RU Listening Ltd. Also some in cooperation with the Dutch DJ, ZIGGY. These have already been played on the radio by well-known artists such as Kris Kross Amsterdam, DJ Scene and EDX.


For this reason, to be able to get people to dance and thus transfer the joy of music to the listeners so that they understand it, Replay M realized that he wants to continue and realize his dream of being a DJ on a stage to touch the audience.

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